About Abstract Explosion

Today’s clients are more savvy than ever before in both technology and business, often demanding a greater level of return—as well as accountability—from agency partners. Gone are the “Mad Men” days, replaced with true client/agency partnerships dedicated to quite simply doing great work that connects brands with consumers. Clients want faster, more agile, more nimble and entrepreneurial—not bigger, more bureaucratic and more complex.

Abstract Explosion was founded on these core principles. We only work with the best in their field… designers, strategists and writers who are seasoned and forward-thinking in their approach. This enables us to cut through the clutter and efficiently create custom-branded content and campaigns to realize your vision and influence customer behavior in this 24/7 connected world.

Our approach leads to results for our clients and strong, long lasting client relationships. A new breed of agency for the new way of working.

Scott Lindsey

Creative Lead & Agency Founder

Scott has over 20 years of creative experience with the majority of that focused on digital.
As creative lead, Scott brings innovation, grounded strategy and an eye for award-winning creative that moves the needle.

Pamela Parker Lindsey

Creative Director & Writer Extraordinaire

Pamela’s diverse writing background of 15+ years include being the script coordinator on Dawson’s Creek and a writer on abc’s Wasteland to writing health & wellness articles for Sam’s Club. Her focus has been on digital, from full-website builds to conversion-busting campaigns for clients like Pizza Hut.